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Blog – May 2016


First the GOOD news…

36% of the people visiting LockLab are first-time visitors, presumably new lock pickers.  The Tribe is growing LockSport!

On May 8th I published the LockLab University’s “Lock Picking Course”, consisting of 12 modules and three more modules in the works.  This is the only online lock picking course and it was almost immediately highlighted in the forums and on Reddit.  Over 2,500 new pickers have started the “LP101” course.

A quick web search shows that Lock-Lab.com is the only website dedicated to lock picking.  There are a number of blogs and forums, but no other web sites.  With LockSport growing and the number of new lock pickers increasing daily, I want our Tribal website to be the preeminent source of lock picking information.  To ensure that I’ve installed Search Engine Optimization (SEO) software to help us score highly on search engines.  Inputting the SEO database properly is laborious, but soon any search for lock picking will result in LockLab at the top of the results.

Now the BAD news…

Recently LockLab was targeted by DDOS attacks originating in Romania.  We have security software that shuts down everything except the home page, and it worked perfectly.  Still, we were down for an hour and four minutes and I find that irritating.  Amazon’s network security team temporarily blocked that entire country’s access but if the attack reoccurs I’ll ask for a permanent block.

The forum is still in the works but at a lower priority.  The reasons for this are not financial because I’ve already bought the software.  Instead I’m concerned with the time required to operate it.  I am one guy and struggling to balance the production of YT videos and run the Tribal website.  Time is my main constraint and I’m hesitant to take on another project until things stabilize a bit.

Last week I ordered six of Sparrows top-of-the-line kits, bringing my reimbursement rate is down to 39%.  If you’ve been thinking about becoming a Patreon or fan funding, now would be a really good time.




  1. I love this site and the youtube channel as well. I tried taking a course over 20 years ago but the money they wanted for it didn’t allow me to continue it. After watching some of your videos I decided to get back into it and ordered a Cheap pick set to get started with. It will be here Tuesday. Thank you for all the helpful information and I can’t wait to get back into it!

  2. Holiday weekend picking supply sales. Hello Bill and fellow Tribe Members. The LOCKPICKSHOP.COM site has a 15% discount this weekend (2nd-4th) using the code PICNIC2016. Furthermore, UKBUMPKEYS.com has informed me that since the U.K. left the E.U. a few weeks ago, the British Pound is down 10% on the U.S. Dollar. This means that your money goes 10% further (read as: exchange rate isn’t as bad) and now would be a great time to pick up the Dangerfield Serenity kit (my current pocket kit). I hope some of you find this helpful. I’m wishing you all a joyful and safe Independence Day and some good picking!!

  3. Lock-Lab Blog?? Forum?? Chatroom ??? Where we can all chat, & commuicate.
    Great ideas, but where is it??

  4. I am a professional web developer/security consultant. So if you need help with the forum, like installing, or operating it, I’m up for it. Anything for the tribe!

  5. The LockLab Tribe consists of engineers, artists, mechanics, fast food workers, car wash attendants, office workers, and others from all walks of life. A one guy who is struggling to balance the production of YT videos and run the Tribal website. Being an engineer, an artist, a mechanic, fast food worker, car wash attendant, office worker, a youtube uploader, a webmaster, a teacher, a husband and much more at the same time. You must be superman!

    1. It wasn’t a hack it was a data bombardment. It overloads the sign in until it’s overwhelmed and shuts down.

  6. You could of course appoint/volunteer/vote for some external moderators if you started a forum? How about asking some of your lock picking buddies like Adrian Weber or Mr. Q or kokomolok Dr. Bint. and Mr. Towne – just an idea but running a forum does not have to be a one man effort – in fact it is too much for one man.

  7. The LP101 course is very well done, and I’m enjoying going through the steps. Keep up the good work!

  8. Has anyone tried Micarta for handle coverings. . It is fabric soaked in Epoxy.

    1. Dude, Micarta would make for some real sweet, fancy looking pick handles. I like the idea. Hard wearing and looks cool, only thing is I dont know how well it would transfer feel, I doubt it would be as good as metal or the hardened plastic of the Peterson picks but I very well could be wrong

  9. Thanks Bill: you are doing some amazing work to bring the honorable sport of (basically) security knowledge and understanding through lock exploration to those with the interest. Your tag line of “Stay SAFE, Stay LEGAL!” is awesome and I hope that the multitude of those that follow it are not overshadowed by the one that does not. Again, thank you.

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