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(593) How to Beat Multi-Shearline locks


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My vises are made by Panavise, a U.S. Company.  The one with the wide jaws is the model 350.  The smaller one is the model 301. Both have the 312 Base mount – www.panavise.com



  1. works like a dam charm.
    a guy i work with gave me a best lock, no keys, pretty much a paper weight. guessing he liberated it from where he used to work, minus keys.
    I played with it for weeks( at least 3) couldn’t get anywhere, spp didnt work for me.
    fast forward, I’m at harbor freight, bout a pack of feeler gauges. Plan was, make picks, and not have to buy anymore.
    A buddy was changing the u joints on my late 80s montero, ( beating the hell out of them, out and in) while hes doing that, I’m on the grinder, read beat to shit grinder, worn out grinder wheel and wire wheel. Used a marker to mark out a few picks, started with the .015 to .020s, figured if i was gonna trash a few it should be the thin ones that I didnt want as much.
    made a odd looking bogata, and a 2 hump one as well, and a few med hooks. In 30 to 40 minutes i had 7 useable picks, wire brush, and 120, 220 and then 600 grit sand paper, and a little modification from a few needle files and i’m done.
    Finally started using the bogata looking pick to rock the lock open and bam, a few minutes in and it popped open.
    looked inside and no screw, no allen head, no nothing. then i watched the vid, and i hear about the control key, and pick to control.
    I ended up braking my homemade Bogota, and ordered a set from sparrows, the 3 pick set with the chick on them, and the warlock.
    no dice, couldnt get that lock to open again.
    woke up Christmas morning, late, got off work at midnight, Christmas eve, and was going back in a few hours, decided to try my luck, damed if i didnt get it, only it didn’t open, only moved about 1/8 of an inch. Christmas miracle, picked to control.
    pulled the core and took several pics.
    only 2 locksmiths in town that would rekey the lock, both closed the day after Christmas.
    found a mobile guy re keying some cars at a buddys lot, sold me a phoenix lock core with control key for $20.
    now i have a best lock with a new core.
    and a cool Christmas miracle story.

  2. Had to come back and watch this because I just bought a couple of these off Ebay. Mine are the six pin version. I was not familiar with that locking lever on side. Now I get it. So this will make for extra fun as I learn to pick them. Thank you Bill. Fantastic vid.

  3. That is a special keyway, there. The old silver line or whatever it was called.

  4. i don't understand why would you reset after you've already set a few pins. I noticed you often recomend to reset after a few tries but could you explain why would that be better than just continuing with the picking? thanks in advance

  5. ordered the size spools Corbin Ruswin uses. think they may be .170 or .172. will let you know when they show up with the Assa pins I ordered.

  6. one thing that is generally true of these as well that seriously alters some security is often that control key is identical throughout the building so maintenance folks don't need to carry many keys. so once you get the lock out, dump the pins and let yourself in whereever you feel the need. i think many of the best keys while marked unlawful to duplicate, have blanks on the market. so in theory if you can impression a key to open it, i recall this happening at colleges where folks were stealing the locks out of the bathroom and putting similar ones in as they rarely were locked to begin with.

  7. Bill I work for a large company and we use these best style cores in our locks for many types of things. My question is how many different shear lines can these hold. we use diffrent series most are the M style keyway. But seriesed a b c d etc so like our common is D so if I have a core that has a D series for example a D28. the Matching D28 key opens it. Also we have a Master D key that opens all our D series locks. We also then have a GM or grand master that opens all series A-F not to mention the Core key to remove the cores. So am I right in thinking there would be up to 5 pins in each hole? each key is bitted diffrently. thoughts on this?

  8. Well heck, broke my first pick tonight so damn.

    Tried to emulated what you were showing with the peterson .0018 bogata with my one from sparrows and its snapped off right where the first peek from the handle is.

    Don't know what to feel, sad I broke my pick or happy the I know what I was doing severely reduces the durability of my pick.

    I'm gonna go with happy cause at least I learnt something.

    And yes im a greenhorn, I assume others break their picks as well and its not just me being a heavy handed pick killer? Or maybe both?

    Ahhh Dam… now i gotta import another one. Bugger

  9. I have 3 locks in my collection I cant pick have tried and tried and 2 of them are this style of lock so I understand what you mean. both are old locks 1 a best c.e.co.and one a arrow and that sucks they are 2 that I will never sell inless I get a good amount of money for them the arrow dus have the working key but not the control I would love to get the control key for it and both keys for the other lock but I no it will never happen. once again great video mate and I have ben thinking a lot about getting the Bogota set and the king and queen picks I want them badly the king and queen the most but just cant afford to throw down that kind of money at this point I no its not much only $16 shipped for the king and queen but rember its only 2 picks but 2 picks that quickly pick over 60% or house locks wear I live so they would help when I get a call.

  10. Thanks for the reply Bill. What I meant was after the core is removed from the lock, how hard would it be to remove the core from the bible from the backside using a shim on these multi-shearline locks? So someone could get a good look at the pinning and possibally make a replacement key for either the control or operating functions.
    Thanks again for your feedback.

  11. Bill, I Just rewatched this vid and a question came to me….If you happen to rake it to the control shearline and manage to pull the core obviously you can actuate the lock. However, my question is…once the core is out, can this lock be shimmed open from the back side, to remove the plug, or would that be a real pain as well? Say for example for someone that has lost the key and you wanted to remake one based on the pins you find upon disassembly.
    Thank You.

  12. A lot of them have master pins too. I have quite a few Best locks. Oddly I have an easier time opening keyways like the WC, the one you are using. I have a hard time opening the more open keyways. The Sparrows pick, that I think call the Best buster, actually works pretty well in the WC and other tight keyways. I just like to polish them up very well. The Best locks can also be bumped pretty easy. I might made a bump a Best lock video 

  13. Bill, just wanted to thank you for your videos and your incredible way of thoroughly explaining things. Keep up your craft and keep up the videos. 

  14. I just picked a SmartKey padlock, and I realized that the method I use is very similar to what you describe here.

    The only major difference is that you apply tension right after lifting the wafers.  Maybe that can help someone pick the SmartKey.

    It is very difficult to SPP, but you can rely on the same chance with a rake and using a very similar method as described here.

  15. I have had good luck with the rocking technique. For Schlage IC cores I made a little tool by cutting all of the meat off of a control key so I could side it into the keyway so that when it was picked it would only retract the locking bar. 

  16. Excellent tutorial.  There's a good chance that most locks will have at least one relatively strait shear line.  Especially if it is master keyed.
    Nice to see Peterson using that thickness of metal.  Hopefully they will make all of their pick shapes available in that thickness.   It's similar to the 20 thousandth thickness of Southern Specialties picks.   I've used the Southern Specialties bogata rake with great success in many of the Best keyways including the WC keyway you have there.

  17. Very good picking. I have not had a lock like this yet, but I did wonder how one picked them because I knew how they worked.

    I guess you have to roll the dice sometimes.

  18. Nice video. I've seen some locks which looked like they may be like this, but they were not. A few Master Lock models seem to be removable but they are held in with a pin you cannot remove. I guess that is just how they manufacture the locks.

    Also, Southern Specialties makes a good Bogota style rake which is very thin and strong (actually, several models). I have a SouthOrd Bogota, but they are thick.

    Up and down or in circles works well. The circles method can be tricky, but it often works very well. It is a sort of back and forth and up and down motion without going far.

  19. Great picking again, Bill.
    Does this plan of attack (rocking instead of raking) work on other locks prevalent to this type of attack ? Also, can a lock as this type with the side locking bar (control key) be drilled out on the side where that locking bar is located, and core removed ?

  20. Very nice tip there bill, will have to try it on my BEST lock and see how I get on. Great new Peterson pick you got there also.

  21. Nice technique, it may help at some wafer Locks, like the "Burg Wächter ALPHA 800" too, I'm trying it out.
    Allways great to share ideas, thanks Bill !!

  22. Thanks for this. Question: can you gut the cylinder like a common American type? I don't think I have seen anyone gut a lock of this type.

  23. You had shown some tension wrenches a while ago that were meant to pick to control on Best locks…  Will those tension wrenches only bind up the control shearline (which would give you better odds of SPP'ing all pins to control)?

  24. Nice one Bill. Going to be ordering some of those .018 picks soon.
    On SFIC, all the cuts between control and operating will be different. On Corbin Russwin LFIC like you're showing, the middle 4 cuts are what operate the control lug, so the first and last cuts COULD be the same between operating and control keys.

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