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(469) HUGE Antique Russian Padlock Opened


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My vises are made by Panavise, a U.S. Company.  The one with the wide jaws is the model 350.  The smaller one is the model 301. Both have the 312 Base mount – www.panavise.com




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  2. Hi there! This is not a Russian lock it's Soviet made in USSR because of that marking you can fin it on lot's of soviet period stuff and it's very simple)) That was price to prevent speculation)) That marking means Ц7р00к = Цена 7 рублей 00 копеек))

  3. It is cost of lock
    First letter Ц (pronaunced lile C in Cent) is for cost(Цена- Cena)
    7p – 7 rub
    00 kopeek(russian analog of us cent)

  4. Personally opening a lock to the left is more comfortable than opening it to the right. Put a key in your right hand and twist to the right and notice how your thumb wants to slip over the key. Now try turning left. It grips better. I know a key isn't designed to have that much torque on it to really matter but maybe in Russia they have so much ice on locks that need it. Plus left is to loosen which would make more sense.

  5. not sure if someone answered your question in the beginning of the video, but the signs on the bottom (Ц7р00к) mean:

    (Ц)ена – "Price"
    (р)ублей – Rubles
    (к)опеек – Cents

    So the price of this lock was (7 Rubles and 00 Cents) when the Soviet Union was there. It's kind of very expensive lock, just to compare an average engineers' salary was 100-150 Rubles.

  6. I dont know if anyone posted this, but the marking on the bottom is actually the lock's price. In USSR they printed the price of everyting on the item, every good prodused in SU had that marking. The writing says "Цена 7 рублей 00 копеек" So this bad boy costed 7 roubles back in the day.

  7. Ц7р00к = Цена 7 рублей 00 копеек = Price (Ц) 7 Rubels (p) 00 Copeck (к) = Its like saying price of 7 dollars 00 cents except in Russian currency.
    The factories in USSR used to set the price of items and the items were sold for that price at the shops.
    This is an antique lock!

  8. Maybe someone has written it, but…
    Ц is first letter from "Цена", that means priсe, labels like this usually is on goods, that made in USSR (with fix price), and this lock is very expensive! Set of 3 screwdrivers i have cost only 1р70к, and magazine cost 70к.

  9. Makings actually is "C 7r 00k" -> "cena 7 rublei 00 kapeika" -> eng. "Price 7 rubles 00 cents" since USSR was communistic country everything had preset prices. And that makes this lock pretty expensive for average customer, with 1 ruble you could buy lunch in cafeteria or rent a room in resort for 1 day.

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