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(829) HUGE American 790 Padlock



Big lock does not equal Big Security…  I really like the heft of this huge American 790, and this is the first one I’d ever seen.  Unfortunately, the pinning on it are pretty stock, with the exception of being steel instead of brass.  That didn’t seem to improve picking resistance though.  With slight modification (some threading in 2-3 of the cylinders), this would be an awesomely secure lock.




  1. does anyone know when american started adding those wafers to their locks??????
    approximately what year?

  2. Hi Guys; I posted an inquiry on the 27th., but I failed to mention that I am looking for a builder/locksmith to build a variety of trick locks for me. Minimum would be 25 locks per order. Let me know if you are interested.
    Thank you.

  3. Great site; lot’s of great info. How would I hire someone to modify a standard lock in such a way that I could control how the lock would open using a key?

  4. oh my goodness, we believe you. Stupid people that give make you feel like you are not being honest. you have picked so many locks, we would be foolish to not believe you did this one.

  5. After all the locks you have opened, no one should doubt that you opened it and didn't switch in a bunch of steel pins post opening it. Great video!

  6. Nice picking,Bill!

    Even if you won't take credit for the open, I'll vouch for the configuration of the lock. That was how Joshua and I sent it out to you.

    Joshua and I will make sure there is some alien technology in your next batch of locks. He's excited about doing another round.

    The steel pins were in there when I got the lock, and we upgraded the bypass protection, but that's all.

    I'll still give you credit for an open, and I'm sure more members of the Tribe would, as well. Your reputation is sterling.

  7. am I the only one who noticed that, that hook had a slight bend backwards. Maybe I'm just imagining it but it seems that he's been using that same hook that been bent back from use.

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