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(822) How to Pick the American H810 Double Wafer



I don’t often get these nice, heavy little locks in the LockLab, especially in beautiful condition like this one.  Over the past several weeks several of you have asked for a “How to pick a wafer lock” video, and the H10 was the perfect opportunity.  Picking wafers is very much like picking  pin tumblers – you simply find the binding pin and go from there.  The only difference on these double-sided wafers is that you have to pick both sides of the lock, so tensioning can be a challenge.  “Picking both sides” isn’t entirely accurate…  it is actually the same wafer that follows the cutouts on the key.  Only one side of the wafer is active, but you never know which one, hence the picking both sides statement.  After picking one side and failing to find a binder, switch to picking the opposite side – and keep alternating until you get an open.  The advantage of this is that if you accidentally overset one of the wafers, you can go to the opposite of that wafer and “unset” it, giving you another chance to pick it.

Don’t be tempted to use your wafer picks on these H10s.  They have a very strong spring on the core that will bend, and ultimately break your expensive wafer picks.  Stick with SPPing or raking.




  1. Bill, You mentioned that false gates would make this a more secure lock. I understand FGs in disc detainers (Abloy) and pin tumblers such as Medeco, but I can’t see how a false gate could be implemented on a wafer lock? Are you suggesting notches at the ends of the wafers or something similar?

  2. Nice Video would not mind a go at that lock wonder if you could jiggle it Long Live The Tribe.

  3. Cool wafer lock…thing i have seen a abus or some u lock using this keyway 🙂

  4. I haven’t played with many decent double wafers yet. I’d love to take a crack at one.

      1. Yeah it’s different. When you post comments here they don’t post at YouTube and once this site grabs the YouTube post it will only get the comments that exist when it pulls the video in.

        But we are working on that.. and a whole lot more. hang in there 🙂

        1. not going anywhere for sure! just 1st one ive commented on here! change the addy thats ok now! great great site tho, so much more friendly for non lock freaks like us!

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