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(599) American 5260 Padlock Picked Open


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My vises are made by Panavise, a U.S. Company.  The one with the wide jaws is the model 350.  The smaller one is the model 301. Both have the 312 Base mount – www.panavise.com



  1. I have 10 of those Padlock, and let me tell you, those Serrated Pins are killing me. I have not been able to open one. FS

  2. hi… I'm not into lock picking… I started watching your videos because I have around 10 American locks of different models… I acquired during my time in the military… anyway, I was wondering if you have a video that explains how they work, these different types of pins you talk about. like serrated, bump and others, that I can't remember what you called them…

  3. serrated pins for me are hard to read. I think I keep over setting them in my american locks. this video was very helpful I'm gonna try it again when I get home "one click" at a time.

  4. i saw in one of your videos that you had the dates wrote on the american locks according to the codes on them. im having a hard time finding like a code guide or whatever its called but it says XFI on it. Its seen better days and the first pin is missing. so i dont know if i just suck or if its gommed up or both.

  5. bosnianbill you do such a good job in your videos! I have seen almost all of your videos and all of your tutorials. You have inspired me to buy a pick set of my own and take up the art of picking! I cannot wait till i get my pick set and can start picking! I also cannot wait till i can say "I don't need no Stinkin' keys!" 

  6. Hey Bill, nice job with the picking, as always. So, let's see if you can help me here, I've always enjoyed the gutting part on your videos, and recently I finally got my hands on some cool locks that allow you to remove the core (not very common in Brazil, specially with padlocks), and I got some tweezers and other necessary tools for gutting, but I'm having some trouble finding something to act as a follower, do you have any ideas of stuff I can use as an improvised follower? Thanks.

  7. We use the American 5200 exclusively at the prison I work at. It is basically the same lock as this.The bosses would probably not very happy to see how easy it is to open these…
    I pulled one apart years ago, they are essentially held together by a single phillips screw.

  8. Nice Picking Bill, always a pleasure watching you SPP a lock.  I actually was thinking the same exact thing that ViloJan said.. I fully understand that your here to teach us, and show us how to SPP locks. But, you probably already know, that picking padlocks are usually on a door, a latch, a chain, sometimes they're upside down too, or you usually need to turn the padlock right-side up to pick at it. But yeah, I thought of the same exact thing when I started watching this video, that why don't you do padlocks in a normal scenario. I've been asked a couple times to pick cheap master locks for my family.. Yep.  I've done it. Got kinda nervous, but I actually did it a few times so far.. Just wish I had this knowledge in the past when I was younger, could of had some fun. But good thing I guess, because I probably would of gotten into trouble. I'm much smarter & more mature now that I'm almost 32 years old now. Thanks for all the awesome videos Bill. (+1 : 29)

  9. nice picking Bill. I need to get thinner picks as soon as my finger heals. I was practicing picking a bunch of locks and now can't bend my index finger, been 3 days now

  10. Hey bosnian, have you ever done a tutorial or tried to pick locks without vices? Like a real case scenario. Door locks are easy because they are already mounted and locked. Not the same case for padlocks and chain locks.

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