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(400) Junkunc Bros Series 200 Padlock Picked


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My vises are made by Panavise, a U.S. Company.  The one with the wide jaws is the model 350.  The smaller one is the model 301. Both have the 312 Base mount – www.panavise.com



  1. I need help i’m trying to find the screws to hold the core in the series 200 locks and I’m unable to find any. And no one can tell me about all the other screws that fit American locks and if they would fit in these series 200. So if anybody could help me and give me some info about where to find the retaining screws I would appreciate it .

  2. I am also making a time line or lets say try to make a timeline on American Lock logos. The discussion can be found on the Antique Locks forum under the name " Junkunc Bros. American Lock H10 Padlock – Oldest/First Ball Bearing Padlock???". Hope that info was interesting for you!

  3. Hey Jim, If you want to find out how old yours is this may help you:
    Many American Lock bodies are stamped with a date code to indicate when the lock body was made: Z=Jan, Y=Feb, X=Mar, W=Apr, V=May, U=June, T=Jul, S=Aug, R=Sept, Q=Oct, P=Nov, O=Dec;
    N=1, M=2, L=3, K=4, J=5, I=6, H=7, G=8, F=9, E=0. Thus X H J x = March 1975, disregard the last character.
    Mine is from 1975 I just found out.

  4. It IS fun, isn't it. I'm helping my boys build a pulse jet engine (just a small one) to attach to one of their bicycles. As long as the wife doesn't sniff it out, I think the project will be fun and educational. Having kids available to test out your ideas on is kind of like having a ready-to-go pair of test monkeys. Good thing mine are tight lipped and heal fast. Good genetics.

  5. Good advice as always Bill-I have given my grandchildren age 6 and 11 a box of broken locks,and a few picks and they love it-far more educational than watching TV it's the same reason I take them fishing-they learn patience persistence and concentration.

  6. Jim, No, the internals haven't changed since American Lock bought out Junkunc Bros. You'll normally find five pins in the 6-pin core, the 6th chamber is usually empty or undersized. Of the 5 pins, four of the drivers are serrated and one is standard. On the key pins in a lock this old they are usually all standard. In newer ones, the keypins can be serrated as well. It takes a light touch to fight your way into these. Once you get the feel, they aren't that hard.

  7. Wow, I love that logo. And as for picking…. You do have to ensure it isnt hiding anything that might get you into trouble on the flight dont you? 😉

  8. Bill, I was Captnin the US Marines came across a same lock, "American Series 200" that was with my military items, soo I assume it's also a US Govt issued lock. My question, is the Govt American Series 200 locks any different than the ones avail to the public ?? Ive been working on this one for 2 months now, not able to pick it !!

    Capt JT, USMC

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