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(740) Brady (Abus) 71/40 Lockout Padlock


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My vises are made by Panavise, a U.S. Company.  The one with the wide jaws is the model 350.  The smaller one is the model 301. Both have the 312 Base mount – www.panavise.com



  1. New to lockpicking. been picking several 4 pin master and brinks padlocks, and 5 pin deadbolt style locks i got at a goodwill so i can repin them to have several locks in one as i found out very quickly how darn expensive locks can be. Upon digging through some old boxes i came across some locks i had several years ago. Most of them i have not been able to get into without the key. This Brady 71/40 padlock is one of them. I have a basic set of lock picks i got from Sparows. This this so frustrating. Wide open key way, the key looks ultra simple, but I just can’t open it. Between the dead core, and what feels like serrated pins (crunchy) I can get a false set within 5 or 6 mins, but then I hit a brick wall. I don’t have a vice to use, so I’m hand holding it, using a flashlight from time to time to look inside to get a better idea of what i’m working with in there. Any tips you or the other members here have would be great. Also have a Master Pro Series 6835 I’m not even able to get a false set on. Both locks work perfect with the key, and have been cleaned well and lubed with amorphous graphite powder, just like I’ve done with all of my locks, as I’ve read that’s one of the better lock lubes to use and I happen to have a large tub of it, lol

  2. hey bill i started picking recently , i was picking the 2 old locks i found in the house , i picked them both several times , but still its not very consistent and i feel its because of the pick that i made from hair clip, it does the job but it bends alot and i was wondering if you had any suggestions on what should i use to make picks from?

  3. love your vids, bill.
    was wondering, how do you find the difference is when picking locks without the vice, when they're actually attached to the object they're securing? any obvious variation on your approach or handling since the lock would be free-hanging?

  4. Bill that slender gem looks brand spanking new. nothing beats that new pick smell. maybe that new lock smell. or burnt gun powder. great picking now mill that lock apart ,lets see inside it…

  5. Good day Bill, i recently started watching your videos. And i must say they are quite nice and entertaining. Also it got me interested in trying. Ofc in the safety of my room. So with you wouldnt believe what bad tools i came up with and made myself something that resembled a pick and a tension wrench and picked the first thing that fell in my hands and i must say a perfect beginner lock (Abus 55/40). When it first popped open the joy was real but i had to open it another 10 times to be sure i had learned something. And i wish to do some more but i being a student dont have the money for tools and am not the best craftsman.

  6. Lock out padlocks have the sole purpose to protect human life form dangerous sources of energy and power. Pad locks primarily protect property, just stuff that's replaceable. My work uses American metal padlocks anodized red. Most plastic locks are metal underneath I believe.

  7. hey bill – happy new year, the thing i like about lock lab is your honest, weve all seen vids were they pick door locks in seconds, just stroke a lock and it falls open = false, lock manufactures, wouldn't be in business if they did, personally i think your doing a great job, explaining how they work, it's encouraging newbies like me, rather than the obvious fakes that actually puts me off and discourages people from taking up the hobby

  8. Bosnianbill, in my head you work as a contractor for both the CIA and FBI, you are the guy they call when they need to do a FISA warrant or some sting on some terrorists and they need to get in to plant the bugs without the terrorists ever knowing. Am I close LOL? (This is of course why you travel the world, you go where the CIA needs you)

  9. Bill, I have watched many of your videos recently and am blown away by your skills. Do lock companies ever contact you for your expertise and use your critical analysis to improve their locks? (I guess, MasterLock being the exception!)

  10. I've observed that you travel a lot. Have you been to places where people put "love locks" all over bridges and stuff? I read that some people involved in locksport remove some of them but I don't know if that is ethical or not since they don't own them.

  11. Hey bill, since you were not interested in my previous locks ( and for good reason ) i decide to make a challenge lock for you. Just a simple 5 pin kwikset deadbolt ;). No counter milling, no threaded chambers, pin 1 and 5 are kwikset commercial spools, no core sleeve. Just 2,3,4 are my "special" drivers. All standard key pins with a modest pattern bitting. I will also provide the key. If you get in this lock well … You are the champ. Fyi you are my inspiration to start lock sport this is a friendly message but i must stump the master lol. Let me know if you except? Also obviously there are some rules to opening my lock. 😉 thanks bill let me know. 

  12. I'm still a new to lock picking. I would like to know the name of the vice or stand you use .  I also have problems picking schlage hardware store locks!  I welcome any help.  thanks!

  13. Hi Bill, I'm new to lock picking and could do with a little help already. As I said I've only been doing lock picking for a few days and about the only lock I've picked is the clear practice lock (with multiple different techniques) and I've raked open a master No5 a couple of times. I'm just wondering if you could help with an Abus 65/40? I've SPP'd it a couple of times but tried it again and think it might have been more luck than anything. I can get a deep set but I think I overset the remaining pins (which I think are spools?)

    Thanks :)

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