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(699) Nick’s Abus 45/40


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My vises are made by Panavise, a U.S. Company.  The one with the wide jaws is the model 350.  The smaller one is the model 301. Both have the 312 Base mount – www.panavise.com



  1. Hey Bill, I just wanted to say "thank you". I working on this 7 pin practice lock I bought (uses a Schlage "C" keyway I believe). I'm fairly new to picking and only had 5 of the 7 pins in the lock (that's the way it is out of the box). So I've been trying to SPP it as is. I can rake it open no problem with a City/L rake but I could NOT SPP it. I couldn't figure out why. Granted, I'm fairly new to picking but there were only 5 standard pins, nothing fancy. Try as I might I couldn't SPP it. I had your videos playing as I sat here working on SPPing this lock. This video was playing and you mentioned something about putting the tension wrench in (top of the keyway) and backing it out just a bit so you didn't hit/bind the first pin. Suddenly a light bulb went on. I thought I wonder if I've been either binding that first pin with the tension wrench or I'm hitting the wrench with the pick and not pushing the first pin up far enough to set it. I had switched TO top of the keyway because using the bottom it was a bit finicky, the wrench would sometimes bind on the core and not let it turn freely. So, just to experiment, I switched back to bottom of the keyway trying my best to make sure the wrench didn't bind the core and BAM…SPP'd it open within probably a minute. I've gone on to add a sixth pin and SPP that with no trouble so now I have it pinned with all 7 pins and I'm working on SPP'ing that before I start making things interesting by changing up the pinning to make it more challenging or maybe even progressing to adding a security pin or tow that come with the lock and see if I have ANY chance of SPPing it (maybe eventually).

    Anyway, sorry this is so long winded but without your comment about putting the wrench in and backing it out from the first pin I'm not sure how long I would have went on banging my head against the wall and not been able to SPP that lock using top of the keyway. So THANKS. I do appreciate it. As always, love the videos and watch them regularly.

    ETA: Oh, I forgot to ask. I have questions on sourcing some lock picking supplies/tools/accessories if you have a moment. I've been thinking of picking up some shims, both the kind for use on padlocks to shim open the shackle and the super thin flat kind that are used on lock plugs/cylinders. I think you recommended Sparrow for the padlock kind. They are a bit pricey (for my limited budget ) for something I just want to mess around with. Do you know, whether or not the "Klom" or the "Ehdching" brand shims that are sold on Ebay are even worth purchasing at all? They're cheaper at $10-$12 a set.But, not worth it if you waste $10-$12 on a set that are garbage and bend and don't work . Any other sources on those? Also, do you have a source for the other type of shims, the flat ones? I guess they're slightly rounded but I think you know the type I mean. The ones that slide into a lock plug to keep the top pins trapped in the bible while you remove a lock plug/core. I've looked on ebay as well as the lock picking web sites and all I can find are the shims used for padlocks. The last thing is plug followers. Do you know of a source where you can get a set of the major types/sizes of followers together that isn't $30-$40? I can't believe someone hasn't come out with an inexpensive plastic set that fit the most common sizes that is only $5-$10. Or even a 3D Printed set. Thanks for any info or sources you might be able to suggest. Again really sorry this is so long.

  2. this was the first lock I ever picked, it was the only lock I had to hand when my pick set arrived in the post and it took me about an hour…. maybe I should have started elsewhere lol

  3. Hi, I'm about to start a bit of picking, but would like to know if you have to find the "binding pin" first before you carry on, and if so why? Thanks Bill.

  4. +Bosnianbill Great Picking Bill. Have you ever Picked a "Kasp 12540"? Let me know because I might have a spare one that I can send you to Picked it's very similar to the Abus that you've just picked but It's a very Hard Lock to Pick for such a small Lock. I'm also sending +Adrian Weber one because he wanted one for his Collection. Keep up the great work Bill. Nick.

  5. Any thought on how to pick an Abus 65/45? I've been stuck on this for over a year 🙁 I must admit I'm not a pro, but had some success with a great number of locks, but the Abus 65/45 still evades me 🙁 I can get some good rotaion on the core, and a lot of counter rotation which seems to reset all the pins, It might have some tricky security pins maybe?

  6. I've been trying for months to pick the Abus 55/50. It's new and has the brass (or brass coated) shackle. I have extreme difficulty even located that 5th pin sometimes. What is the difference between a 45/40 and a 55/50? Any advice on this type of lock? I'm running into the problem of everytime I search for counter rotation the pins just feel like bricks and I'm barely applying tension (top of keyway). Is there a reason for that? I lubed it up real good. I'm at my wits end. I've never SPP'd a non-training lock before and I'm determined to get this sucker open.

  7. abus like to put all spools in there locks the frount 2 pins are most time low set slow us and over set from picking them. i cut one open and to see how the best way pick them they try hard to stop us.

  8. I'm curious: I have never seen any brass-made Abus padlock that was not full of spools, with a single standard pin in position one. Have you ever encountered other security-pin-setups with Abus brass padlocks?

    P.S.: Adrian wrote a couple of days ago, that he had the time of his life. Did he ever make it home again?

  9. So i pick wrong padlock for my first lockpicking :/ I saw many times how you open different lock and even i can see, that you had problem with that abus.
    You beat that gerda from Poland? I have identical at my home so, i'm really wonder how hard is that lock.

  10. I SAW ADRIAN-forgot to mention it but Adrian started the night by doing some stand up "Between the Master Lock and a pail of doggy poo the difference is what?
    All went quiet then his holiness shouted-"The pail!"How the Swiss guards laughed-before long they were all hugging and crashing steins together-then they started swapping clothes and hugging.Get Adrian to tell a joke on tape-his delivery is truly remarkable!!

  11. my biggest problem when watching lock picking videos is all the "that what she said" jokes that comes up in my mind. lol! by the way. liked the video and thumbs up. have a good day!

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