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(468) Abus ROCK 83/80 Picked Open and Gutted


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My vises are made by Panavise, a U.S. Company.  The one with the wide jaws is the model 350.  The smaller one is the model 301. Both have the 312 Base mount – www.panavise.com



  1. Are there any padlocks which are unpickable. Bought an Abus Rock 83C/80 but seems to be easily pickable

  2. Awesome sized lock Bill. They make a HB100 shackle also, that I can't find or the closed shackel. Sec snobs offers this beast with a protec2. That would be a heck of a lock. 

  3. I'm starting to think bill croft is Bosnian bill. I also am drunk and did no research so nothing I type is valid. K I'm done here. Canada out.

  4. @Bosnianbill If I can judge it correctly, it might my be possible to bypass this lock with a flag type bypass tool. I know you don't have the lock anymore, but did you tried bypassing it?

  5. Mine has five master keys, no maid key but I still can't pick it. I will say that the cam on the back rotates the opposite way of the key turning. Very strange lock and easy to spot on a video!

  6. Is that a Winfield wafer lock in the background? I have one and did a post on keypicking about it, just can't get a feel for it. Awesome post as always sir!

  7. I am impressed, but I think you could got a worse Abus rock to pick

    I didn't know that Abus rock came in different versons. In scandinavia this lock is made for a oval sylinder. So we can use what ever type of lock we want to.Like Trioving/Assa 6  or 7 pin with 3 types of top pins, Trioving D12, Trioving/assa DP 6 pin + 10 sidepins. ++++

    With the sylinders like Assa or Trioving this lock is approved for dynamite storing and other high security objects.

  8. Hey Bill I have to correct myself this is the Abus Rock 83/80 CEN Grade 5 for the US market which takes an Abus 6 pin cylinder. It is the same core than the one for the Abus Titalium 90/50. The core does also fit into many other Abus Locks, the one for the Titalium does not have anti drill features, yes you have to be careful with the cores spring loaded pin. There is also an Abus 83/80 Series which takes the oval scandinavian cores. The newest is the Abus 83CS/80 which is nearly the same but it is CEN Grade6 and has protection shoulders, it also takes oval cores.

  9. Nice pick Bill, I was also able to rake it and bump it, although bumping was tuff with the spring pressure…
    Also I have a couple of locks I’d like to send you let me know or email me and I’ll get them out to you…

  10. Hey Bill…I'm sorry, but can you tell me what you mean when you refer to the pin that is the "gate keeper"?  I'm not familiar with that term

    1. When you use spool pins, you usually have to have one “gatekeeper” standard pin. This keeps the core stable so it doesn’t have a lot of play. Usually you have to pick this pin first and then you get the “false set” that indicates the rest of the pins are spools.

  11. Nice job! I like 83 series and I use the 83/45 and 83/50 locks extensively on my rental properties, usually on various garages and storage sheds. What keyway was that core? I mostly see the Kwikset and Schlage C keyway 83 cores.

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