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(444) Abus 65/50 Picked and Milled Open (Game Changer!)


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My vises are made by Panavise, a U.S. Company.  The one with the wide jaws is the model 350.  The smaller one is the model 301. Both have the 312 Base mount – www.panavise.com



  1. Thanks for explaining EVERYTING!
    I'm a newbie lockpicker. And learned everyting I know about locks from you!
    I was busy all week trying to pick this lock! but now I realize that this lock isn't a 'Training-lock' as how I called it (At first).

  2. Hey Bill, love the intro/opening on this video. My favorite so far. Do you do these yourself or do you have someone create these for you?

    I'm not up to tackling security pins yet. I'm still at the beginner stage I guess. I would love to have your level or knowledge and skill at picking locks (and even half your toys). I don't have access to many different locks so I bought a 7 pin "rekeyable practice lock" (not a see-through or cutaway) just something you can change the pinning on and and/change the number of pins and put in spools and serrated pins as you improve (comes with the lot of varying pins, springs, etc). It's not ideal but my situation doesn't allow me to get out and "find/buy/get" a variety of locks which of course I'd prefer.

    One thing I learned which I found very interesting. I always used to watch movies and TV shows and you CONSTANTLY see people picking locks with one pick/tool. I always used to laugh and think to myself even with my limited knowledge of picking I KNOW you need a pick AND a tension wrench. You simply CAN'T pick a lock open with ONE tool. So I thought. Then, I did it. The other day I picked a lock (repeatedly) with just a single pick (no tension wrench). I couldn't believe it actually worked. It was one that was very tough to get a tension wrench in and a pick (I didn't have a top of the keyway "Z" type wrench) so I just went at it with the pick and kept pressure on the pick so as to turn the lock while I was raking it. It was probably just luck and maybe only works with raking and wouldn't really work with SPP'ing the lock, I'm not sure. I just thought it was interesting though that it "could", under certain circumstances, be done. Not that anything like that which you see in movies or TV shows is real, but it did make me think.

    Thanks for all the great videos Bill. I've watched a number of other lock picking videos and your videos are by far the most educational, entertaining and the most professional looking. Some people look like they are trying to shoot the video by holding their cell phone in one hand, the lock in another, the picking tools in their teeth, etc, The results are usually horrible. Or, they're just plain boring. They either don't speak or they probably shouldn't speak, and do. Sorry this got to be so long, thanks again and keep up the great work.

  3. Hi bill, watch your vids a lot since I have just started to pick locks for fun. To me, its like a puzzle I have to solve, that's all. But just wondering, when you talk about a false set, what does that mean, thanks!

  4. Bosnianbill today I picked my first padlock ! I have a collection of padlocks (Don't ask, it's a habit I picked up 3 years ago for some reason). I found an ABUS Titalium padlock 64TI/40 model. It didn't have a key and it wasn't locked properly (The other end of the lock wasn't in the hole (Don't know the names in english). Me having OCD I couldn't stand having it like that. So I bought a European thickness lockpick kit from a Chinese website (Didn't plan on picking anything else, so I went with a cheap kit). After a week reading about how locks work and by watching some of your videos about locks that involved security pins, I managed to pick it open and it's all how it's supposed to be 😀 I'm planning on buying a 50 euro lockpicking kit and start practicing more on my padlocks! Thanks for giving me a new hobby!

  5. Hello Bill, I love your vids (and the fact you like quads :P) I picked this once with a pick gun 3 years ago. After 3 years of unsuccesfulness… I finally.. finally did it with a single hook pick and can repeat it. Thanx for teaching me with your video's! Now i am stuck on a cheap lock lol!

  6. u am not even sure why i am watching all of these picking videos, NSA probably already thinks i am planning to break into somewhere…
    somehow it is oddly satisfying to see you open one lock after another…
    i have tried it myself with some lock a few years ago, couldn't even open the most basic bikelock from the dollar store…
    guess it looks way easier than it is oO

  7. Bill question for you. I managed to get 65/45 open in under 30 sec. I nicked 2 locks from my work place and they use the same key. One just looks newer then the other. Old one i am able to pick. its great fall set on pin 1 and bam but the 2nd one i am unable to pick. Think newer one has VF beside the keyway. Same key but different lock any idea? I can post both to you if u wish to compare.

  8. Hello. I was watching this wonderful video of yours, and heard this noise in the background. It almost sounded like a 3d printer. I was curious what it was so I thought I'd ask you. Great work on yet another of your amazing videos. Thanks for your videos, you have been a huge help for me understanding the world of lock picking.

  9. Beautiful Yale & Towne lock.  I have a Yale&Towne post office box door with dates of 1892-1895 on it. I have a old Yale Lock in the door.  Will try and send photo.

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