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(349) Abus 75/50 Dimple Padlock Piced & Milled Open


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My vises are made by Panavise, a U.S. Company.  The one with the wide jaws is the model 350.  The smaller one is the model 301. Both have the 312 Base mount – www.panavise.com



  1. Very interesting Bill, thanks for breaking that down. I have always been intimidated by dimples and have not tried picking them. After that primer I think I might have to give it a whirl. Thank you!

  2. No problem Bill, I was just thinking, and you know where that leads….Jk…No I just thought you would be able to make something I consider to be very artistic and interesting at the same time plus make great teaching aids…I guess I'll have to wait til I get a mini mill, if I ever do I'm gonna try "Jeweling"(sic) them also…I do have a few…my best one is a Safe Deposit box lock with 14 interwoven levers…

  3. What if you made a sort of trench? Like instead of having 7 dimples, connect them all into one channel? Or is that what you mean by groove?

  4. I didn't even try it, sorry. I definitely will NOT work on the Marine version because the locking mechanism is slightly different & has locking balls, not the pawls like in the normal 75/50.

  5. And I was wondering about these weird noises in the backround… I think I heard someone crying for help but she told that me it would just be the baby 😀

  6. I "heard" she has him chained up in the basement, doing all the washing and ironing. Poor Alex, all she's feeding him are Twinkies and red wine.

  7. You'd think, but timing of the bump is critical. the passive pins just wouldn't have enough time to fall into the holes when you hit the key to begin the bump. They need to begin falling a bit early, hence the idea of a groove or elongated pin holes.

  8. What if you were to make a bump key, but completely bottom out all of the dimples for the passive pins? Wouldn't that render them completely useless?

  9. Bill, Thanks for this treat from your NB. Glad to see you shed a little sweat on this one. Heck, what a contrast to some other Abus offerings. Hope to acquire one of these. Alas, the availability in the UK somewhat differs.

    Waiting for some Chinese treats though. A couple of them look real crispy.

  10. Have you looked into making cut-a-ways with your mill?…instead of making them useless…Lol jk…seriously you can down load the specs for different locks that show how to do it…I've got some kicking around but??…if you need to talk to someone, talk to "hintzZz" if you don't already know him…:-) hintzzz maybe? anyway he makes the best cut-a-ways I've seen and he helped me alot…and ain't got no Snazzy Mill, So….Lol… you need to know where the drill points are for removing the cores.

  11. A shit now you know our German secret and and the passive pins in my EVIL Pfaffenhain core for you will not confuse you any longer… DAMN IT!!! 😀
    The surprise was mine and now you ruined it. Pretty nice Abus though and very good tutorial as always bill!

  12. I'm not talking smack. I'm just saying that the diamond is for retards that pick locks like wild monkeys killing a snake with a sharp stick. I had no idea Alex used the diamond but if he does… well…

    Has anybody heard anything from him lately? I'm starting to get worried and its no fun antagonizing someone that doesn't fight back.

  13. It heard about a sertain naughty bucket, and wanted to live there. I told it that it would be a long and winding road, and that it didn't have what it takes, but it wouldn't listen…

  14. I actually tried that but with the slot the structure of the key is compromised and it breaks in two. A slightly better approach would be to drill out all 7 holes for the passive pins and then slightly elongate them. The key would still be weakened but it would have some "ribs" between the holes. It might work.

  15. Are you insinuating that I secretly HATE Abus? Blasphemy! Its that damn D12 you sent that's driving me CRAZY! I simply cannot find a way to fit a pick into the keyway. Looks like I'll have to invent one.

  16. Great Tutorial Bill! Do you think a bump key with a slot cut out for the passive pins, deep enough so as not to move them at all?
    You stated you don't use diamonds, does that include when zipping a lock? I know you always use a hook to zip, but have you ever use a diamond? If yes whats the difference? Depending on your answer I may just try it your way…Peace n Tanks

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