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(346) Abus 34/55 Picked Open (N.Y.C.H.A. Lock)


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My vises are made by Panavise, a U.S. Company.  The one with the wide jaws is the model 350.  The smaller one is the model 301. Both have the 312 Base mount – www.panavise.com



  1. government contracts are suppose to go to items made in the USA. That's why you don't see police driving Toyota

  2. my favorite abus let me down last night, I dusted off a city rake zipped it a few times then bitch pick rocking it 4 times and it opened. very sad night. RIP ABUS

  3. I have one on the way I figured I set my sights high as I'm new to spp. Wish me luck. I couldn't pass on the price $10 so cheap for such a nice lock 

  4. Just bought 2 of these. The nyc disclaimer on the add in ebay says they were overruns from nyc housing authority. I kept that ad just in case. Fairly good for the price, 6 pins. Sidebar, I found the best tension bar tools in the street. As tires wear out they throw off the steel bands on belted ply tires. The spring steel is perfect,thin,and strong. You can usually find these just laying in the gutter.

  5. Thanks for the tip I just received mine in the mail this is a great deal. What hasp would you suggest? I'm looking at the Abus 130/180 hasp. Do you think its worth the money? Keep up the great videos!

  6. I just purchased this lock off of ebay, looks like it will be fun to pick (N.Y.C.H.A) but it looks like the ones that are being sold now are 6 piners, by the looks of the photos, unless its some stock photo, because it shows it gutted aswell.


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  8. I hate having keys on my keyring so I recently bought 4 of these keyed alike for my work lockers, and an extra to play with. Great lock for a great price and no issues at all for a Chinese lock.

    I had been trying to pick the one at home on and off for a couple weeks using the same technique as American, super light tension, and was getting nowhere. Just now finally came back to re-watch this video and sure enough super heavy tension and I had it open in less than five minutes.

    Thanks Bill!

  9. Jim, No idea why yours didn't have a spring unless the NYCHA contract has a slightly different core. Did you get the lock from someone or buy it new? I CAN say that the spring is super easy to take out and damn near impossible to re-insert. If you got the lock used, perhaps the previous owner figured "what the heck, it works FINE without that damn spring"…and threw it away.

  10. They would be if: a. The keyway were not so small. You'd need a 1/2 scale American bypass tool to fit into it. I made one for Adrian Weber and he demonstrated it in a video about 6 months ago), and b. It contains an anti-bypass wafer, just like the American locks. Again, you COULD build a wafer breaker to defeat it but so far nobody has.

  11. Thank you Bill!!! I bought 2 of these (very different bitting) and have had an awful time picking them. I've got them once and that's it! I was going to send you one to try, so thanks to Mr. Muddy. I guess I feel alright using these to actually secure things. Great pick Bill and I think I might buy a few more!

  12. My bad. Mine is 6 pins as well – I misspoke in the video. I'd been working with Abus shutter locks all morning and they are all 5-pin. Yes, the Abus and American cores are virtually identical in dimension. There is definitely some cross-pollination taking place between the two companies. I repin many of my Abus cores with serrated American pins and they work perfectly.

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