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(345) Abus Armored 92W/65 Picked Open


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My vises are made by Panavise, a U.S. Company.  The one with the wide jaws is the model 350.  The smaller one is the model 301. Both have the 312 Base mount – www.panavise.com



  1. You can clearly see the logic behind the thinking here:

    Bicycle thieves need to be quick and they will get your bike by cutting (lock or chain). I have never ever heard of a bicycle being stolen by means of picking the lock. So making a lock secure against quickly opening it by force / cutting would seem to be the first priority. And the cylinder seems to be decent enough to be safe against opening by a random thug with a screwdriver or something, yet simple enough to keep the price of the lock down.

    So if your goal is to design a lock specifically for the purpose of securing your bike, I think this is actually quite well thought through and probably is all you ever gonna need.

    I would however not be comfortable using this as a shutter lock for a store etc.

  2. I was hoping there would be a video on this lock. and i thought it would be this easy for bosnianbill to pick it.
    I had to buy this lock for my bicycle to get it insured. But i found it to heavy and clunky to carry around in my bag, and there is no way to wrap the chain up so it doesn't damage the bicycle,.

  3. Bosnian, from your experience what seems too be the best lock that can lock a ABUS 14mm chain? Somewhat hard to pick, tough outside.

  4. i was going to buy this shit but just decided to see some reviews on youtube before i buy and here i landed here damn now i changed my mind won't buy this shit if it is dat easy to pick.

  5. Cheers Bill mate. I have a couple of Abus locks some where so will have to dig out again and re-play. One is an Abus 65CS/50 that I am sending to Mike (oldfast911) well meant to send it last year between surgery. Its still heading his way when I get chance. By way mate, guess what????? I need another operation. Anyway, great picking again buddy ;o))))

  6. Thanks very much Bill. Much appreciated. I already have an E Series and another Mul-t-lock somewhere, which I shall run by you soon, if it is not too much bother for you.

    Right now, I am on my way to get some ice cream – with a soft and gooey center. Yum!

  7. I don't think so Rich, you put a hurting on some pretty nasty UAPs and Yales as I recall. Also, you whipped open that American like it didn't even have pins in it.

  8. Ahhhh! Yes, I HAVE seen those on eBay, and you are right, they are NOT cheapo locks. I've seen them offered with both the MT-5 and MT-5+ cores. So far I've only been able to pick the G-series (7×7) and the C-Series (original 5-pin in pin). I have not yet been able to whip the MT-5, and certainly not the MT-5+. Yet…

  9. Don't think these are cheapo's. Rather, around $140, I think and they use interactive or interactive plus.

    Just Google mul-t-lock E-Series Padlock and click on forth link, which says MUL-T-LOCK ONLINE E-Series Padlocks Extra-High Duty

    Please let me know what you think.

    Many thanks.

  10. Another great video Bill and that Abus was very well picked… For some reason I am Crap at Abus locks… Mind you I'm crap on most locks LOL!!!!

  11. Hey Bill, "The soft vanilla center". Sounds mighty tasty. You make this look like child's play. I suspect experience is the key here. Geddit? Sorry!

    Have you any experience with Mul-t-lock E8 Series Padlocks?

    Thanks for another great vid. Cheers buddy.

  12. I am going to try that in the future bill but I am still lacking on a good picking set. Too busy doing research and videos at the moment but in the future I definitely have to do some more lockpicking videos! "Lockpicking at beautiful locations" is still on my list 😉 Thanks for the advise!

  13. Actually, there is 1 standard pin and 4 spools (or mushrooms). Usually, the very first pin in the stack is the standard pin and, once you set it, you'll get your false set. From there, its easy. The easiest way to get a false set is to put you pick all the way in, apply slight tension, and lift up on your pick handle. The pick shaft will set pin 1 automatically. This works about 75% of the time, maybe more.

  14. Okay bill, is that just your skill now or was it really easy to pick? I know Abus only uses 2-3 spools and no other security pins in these, which I really do not like…

  15. A lovely piece of shiny there Bill!! And same old story im finding too often,,, tough armored locks on the outside but with easy pick barrels,, and they almost always are advertised as 'High Security' lol

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